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Bet you didn’t see this coming, eh? We at Sportsbook Sites have a trick or two to share with our faithful readers. The one we are about to lay down will show you how to put your skills to good use in online sportsbooks.

The plainest advice you are ever going to get is: “if you want to win big, bet on parlays”. “Place your bet in baseball”, we would like to add. Why? Statistics say that picking the winner in baseball is all but complicated. Namely, the favored team wins 60% of the time.

Winning big in online sportsbooks

So, how come sportsbooks are not out of business, if everything we say is true? Well, chiefly because, unlike with many other sports, guessing the 60% winner in baseball is not going to make you rich. No point spread is available for baseball wagers; the only option you may choose is moneyline. The latter serves to protect sportsbooks’ advantage at all times.

And that is the very reason why you should attempt parlaying. Perhaps the spoils of war are not as spectacular as is the case with some other sports, but the chances of losing are also considerably diminished. Let us take a look at a sample table below:

 Parlay Sample List

As you can see, payoffs are pretty balanced, and the maximum loss you might suffer is considerably smaller than is the case with parlays for other sports. If we keep in mind the statistics mentioned above, wagering on up to five teams brings you fairly close to winning. How is that? Simply put, another statistic claims that one in six wagers usually loses. Therefore, keep it simple and fair. Bet on 2, 3 teams first, then judge the situation and start raising the odds.

To increase your budget, take care to collect all the bonuses daily. Every online sportsbook bet gives away some, and many of them are to be reckoned with. And again: keep your cool. Don’t bet on your favorite team against the odds.

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That is about all there is to say. The rest is up to your patience and analises. Surely we don’t have to mention that keeping informed is a prerequisite for wagering? Now that we have come to the end of the story, we at Sportsbook Sites are going parlaying ourselves. You can join us within minutes – simply sign up for our recommended and verified online sportsbooks. See you at the party afterwards. Cheers!