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As you may have noticed, here at Sportsbook Sites we pay particular attention to staying up-to-date and informing you about all new developments in the sport betting field. In a timely manner, of course. Our goal is to get the message across to rookies and pros alike, and our recommended online sportsbooks are the best proof of that.

Still, if you are undecided in the matter of sports you should choose to bet on, or prone to getting hot-headed in the process of wagering, we suggest you read on. Choosing the most realistic wager option is the key to winning big.

Wager types

Please keep in mind, however, that wagering depends on the sport. As might be expected, betting on a single team would be impossible if there are no teams to begin with. Let us, therefore, address the most common wager options, to set you on your way to winning.

  1. Single bet, also known as straight bet, and as the “side”: betting on the outcome of a single match. You should guess the winner. A simple win-lose wager.
  2. Point spread or spread betting: betting on the outcome of a single match. Unlike the single bet, what matters here is – accuracy. Spread betting has many variations, of which we will address only a few.
  3. Moneyline, also known as fixed-odds: a variant of point spread, implying wagering against the available odds.
  4. Parimutuel betting: another point spread variant. The odds are calculated by sharing the pool among the winners.
  5. Parlays: wagering on multiple events. In order for the bettor to win, all outcomes must be correct. Expert gamblers argue that parlays are the most certain wager type to earn you lots of money. It is also the riskiest one, as one wrong guess will bring you down.
  6. Totals: wagering on total points. The bettor guesses whether the outcome will be higher or lower than the designated total.
  7. Over/ Under: similarly to totals, the bettor guesses the outcome. Unlike totals, what should be guessed is whether the outcome will be higher or lower than the designated one – set by the oddsmaker.
  8. Futures: wagering on the championship winner, provided that more than two teams are participating in the event.

Of course, there are many more wager types. These are but the common ones. Nearly every sportsbook offers some variations, as to attract new bettors. Knowing the most common wager options will make it easier for you to determine which exact spin-off suits your betting style the most.

Tips for beginners

From our experience, wagering on safer bets is the absolute prerequisite for beginners. And it is not some long-forgotten wisdom coming from the depths of time. It is purely common sense we at Sportsbook Sites  have come to accumulate over the years of betting practice. Try single bet and futures first. When you have gained the sense of your potential, try wagering on more difficult outcomes. The hardest one would be, without a doubt, parlays.

Trusted online sportsbooks at Sportsbook Sites

A word of advice: exterminate favoritism at all costs. If anything is certain to ruin your earning plans, this would be the one. Be realistic. Winning regularly comes with practice. Sign up today at our trusted online sportsbooks to start putting into practice all you have learned. Good luck – and don’t forget to collect bonuses!